Weekly Reflection (4/18/16)

Things have been going pretty well for me this past week. I signed a lease for a very nice apartment right on the shore of a very good hunting and fishing lake south of Bemidji for the summer, pulled my boat up from my parents’ house in southern Minnesota, and did very well on a recent test I was stressing about.

I also became an uncle to the most perfect baby I’ve ever seen (imo, of course). Clearly, this is the most exciting thing that happened to me this week.

Ever since I found out in December that my oldest sister, Tami, and her husband, Dillon, were expecting a little girl, I’ve been waiting for the moment when I would get to hold her. That moment came this weekend, and to say that I’m excited is an understatement.

I’d been keeping close tabs on my sister as she got closer and closer to her April 9th due date. When that date came and went, I texted her every couple days to remind her to let me know when she was going in to the hospital. So when I called her last Friday to check up on her and she didn’t answer, I was wondering what was going on. She texted me back shortly after saying that she thought the baby was on the way and that her and her husband were going to the hospital, I could hardly contain my excitement.

My other sister, who lives in Chicago, told me that she was planning on driving home to welcome the baby Saturday morning. Upon hearing this, I knew that I wanted to do the same thing and be there for Tami. I was on the road by 7:30am Saturday morning, driving the 5 hours to the hospital where Tami was going to have her baby.

I arrived home around 1pm and sat around with my family until we couldn’t stand not hearing from Tami about the status of the baby. Like anxious kids we loaded into cars and drove up to the hospital. We got there around 8pm and heard a baby crying in one of the rooms. We hoped that it was the baby we came to see, and it was.

Tami and Dillon welcomed a new bundle of joy into the family at 7:29pm on Saturday, April 18th.

Everyone, meet Brynlee.

It was such as incredible moment walking into my sister’s hospital room to see her holding something so beautiful, so fragile. Brynlee was almost immediately passed around to my parents, my sister, and then finally myself. As I held her and looked into her tiny eyes, a sudden rush of emotion came over me. I wish I could put into words exactly what I felt, but I’m not sure if I can…something between pride and happiness and fear and excitement and love. It was incredible. I am one proud uncle, and I can’t wait to be a part of little Brynlee’s life as she grows up.

So, I ended up spending the weekend at home with family welcoming a new baby and came up a bit short on the number of posts that I contracted for at the beginning of the project. I was able to get one post written, however.

Tonight I took a little stroll down to Diamond Point Park to clear my mind and get a little exercise. The lake is opening up at a very quick pace. I predict it will be totally ice-free by the end of this week. Hundreds of ducks are currently enjoying all the open water on the lake as well. A couple bald eagles also made an appearance, surprising me with their unique call. As always, I am amazed at the amount of wildlife that thrive in the Bemidji area and I think I always will be. We truly live in a magnificent place.

Thanks for reading!




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