Diamond Point Park

This evening I decided to take a little walk down to Diamond Point Park to see the sights and sounds of spring. Unfortunately, my phone died shortly after starting my walk and I was unable to take pictures. But if you’ve ever visited the park before, you’ll almost certainly understand what I saw.

After spending a few minutes scanning the lake, it’s clear that it won’t be long at all before ice-out happens and I can finally close the chapter on winter in Bemidji. The strong winds and warmer temperatures we’ve experienced in the last few days have really done a number on the remaining ice, leaving probably 75% of the lake with open water. The wind pushes the remaining ice all over the lake – when I walked to class the morning a large ice sheet butted up against the south shore of the lake; as I walked Diamond Point this evening, the east wind had pushed most of the ice next to the park’s shoreline. There are still some large ice heaves along shore (most noticeably right on the tip of the point), but they have gone down considerably since my last visit to the Lake Bemidji shore. My predicition: Lake Bemidji will no longer have any ice after this coming Friday.

Hundreds of ducks are enjoying the large expanse of open water on the lake as well, flying in tight flocks near the surface of the water. While some of these ducks will stay and breed on the lakes near Bemidji, most are simply enjoying the Bemidji area as they continue north following open water. Species included mostly buffleheads, ringnecks, and bluebills. Pairs of mallards were also scattered around the lake, and I even managed to sneak up on a drake and a hen that were resting on the green grass next to a telephone pole near Oak Hall. It amazes me how adaptable wildlife can be – they simply stood up and meandered a few feet away from me before plopping back down on their bellies.

Another interesting sight — two bald eagles fighting (?) each other in mid-air as I walked underneath the oaks and pines of the park. I watched in amazement as I saw just how agile these massive birds can be and they took turns chasing each other overhead. Eventually, one flew off while the other perched itself neatly on a large limb near the top of a tree. What surprised me most were the calls they were making as they flew after each other…it was definitely not what I expected out national bird to sound like. If you’ve never heard a bald eagle call, you’ll be a bit surprised, just as I was tonight.


Things began to die down as the sun set, except for the the crackling of the ice sheet as waves crashed into it sending shards floating off into the open water. The ducks disappeared into the darkness as they bobbed in the gentle waves just off shore and the eagle spread its huge wings as it took off to another nearby tree. It was time for me to go as well. As I walked back to my house I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of the nature almost literally in my backyard.


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