Weekly Reflection (4/4/16)

So another week is in the rear-view mirror and we move closer to the end of the semester and for some, like me, graduation. The realization that one chapter of my life is coming to a close is starting to hit me. The promise of bigger and brighter things in the future, however, makes me really excited and wanting time to go faster.  I think this week was probably the most enjoyable week I’ve had so far posting to this blog. I was able to get outside and enjoy the decent spring weather, collect my thoughts, and share them with all of you. A brief summary of my posts this week are below:

In terms of my project, I am really thankful for the suggestion from one of my readers that I worry less about finding articles in popular hunting, fishing, and camping publications and try writing about my own experiences in the outdoors. East Side details the little jaunt I went on this weekend on the Lake Bemidji bike trail. I found myself fascinated by the ice heaves that were pushed up on shore and the abundant wildlife that I encountered on my walk. I really appreciate the fact that such beauty exists in the Bemidji area, and those looking to get out of the winter doldrums can get outdoors and experience that beauty right in their own backyard.

Next, I chose to talk a little bit about wolves and the controversy surrounding them, pass along some tidbits about wildlife management and its role in ensuring biodiversity, and share a story written by famous conservationist Aldo Leopold. In A Brief Post About Wolves, I talk about one of the more interesting stories I have read regarding wildlife conservation. Thinking Like A Mountain, written by Aldo Leopold, recounts the author’s experience and observations regarding the importance of wolves in a balanced ecosystem. He also makes a point to say that humans might benefit from learning patience and understanding from the mountains around them, for they have the experience to understand that all living things have their place in the world and that shortsighted decisions are often harmful to the environment. I go on explore a little about about the different perspectives on wolf management and include some of my own personal views towards wolves.

Lastly, I make another trip to Lake Bemidji to help clean up the garbage along the lake shore in Lakeshore Cleanup. As part of a requirement for a class that I’m taking this spring, I needed to take part in a service learning project that would help me to better understand global pollution and how humans impact the earth through their actions. My classmates and I were able to clean up a very large stretch of shoreline by simply dividing and conquering and in the process picking up plastic bottles, food wrappers, plastic bags, and even an old TV. The experience made me more aware of the impact that I have on the earth and made me want to do more to make the areas that I enjoy free of garbage and other waste. Big changes often starts from small actions: pick up your trash when out enjoying the outdoors.

Thank you for reading my blog!




2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection (4/4/16)

  1. I have always believed that drawing from your own experiences makes a more interesting read. I kind of wish I was graduating this year, but I also know that I’m not quite ready for the “real” world yet, still seems a bit scary.


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