Weekly Reflection (2/23/16)

I’ve just wrapped up my SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki page and I’ve got to say it was a bit of a challenge. I really appreciated the wide range of topics to write on. If I found that I was writing on a subject that I just really couldn’t wrap my head around, I was able to find another topic to explore fully. Finding sources was a bit of a struggle at times as well. The majority of the time I spent on the assignment was researching. Also, I’m excited to see the wiki beginning to take shape – I really do enjoy being able to click links in the wiki and being directed to other pages to explore, read, and learn from. Good work class!

I’m happy that wiki formatting and writing style is beginning to click a bit more for me. Morgan was spot-on when he mentioned in class that bootstrapping would be complicated, confusing, and difficult at times, but would be one of the best ways to learn the things we are doing in this class. For me, the first couple assignments were somewhat difficult, but I feel that after putting the time in on this assignment I am much more comfortable working on the wiki.

I summarized my work on my wiki, but I also added it below for those who’d prefer to read that stuff on this page.

I started by refactoring a couple of original headings so they were (what I considered at the time) more organized and concise. The original author reverted by changes, and explained why the page was formatting in that way in the first place. My mistake! I also added the section entitled “Motivating Knowledge Sharing” and explained a bit about factors go into empowering people who share knowledge with others according to the Gurteen article. A couple random spelling and grammar mistakes were also fixed in the article.

I started this page by linking to a wiki article about how to be a GoodWikiCitizen in the ways in which contributors should work together in the act of CreatingSharedKnowledge while still remaining respectful when disagreements about refactoring happen. I also presented a few tips regarding how to be a GoodWikiCitizen that should hopefully help those new to editing wikis.

On the Ward Cunningham page I added a section about Cunningham’s Law, complete with a bit of background on the law, a quote, how a few sentences about how/why disagreements sometimes arise between contributors, and finally, a humorous cartoon that epitomizes internet arguments. I’m a big fan reading about the steps needed to become a GoodWikiCitizen, so I also tried to tie the tips in that article into this section.


Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all in class today!



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