Self Portrait, Pt. 2

In my last self-portrait post, I described my love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general. However, this is but a small piece of my life.

I am proud to be a Housing & Residence Life staff member. 

After my freshman year at Bemidji State and having such a great relationship with my Resident Assistants (RAs) and Peer Academic Assistants (PAAs) , I knew that I wanted to work in a role that helps incoming first year students navigate their way through their first college experience. In the spring of 2013 I was hired as a PAA. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about myself and others. Time management, conflict resolution, and academic support was my game.

The next two years I took on a new challenge as an Assistant FYRE Coordinator/Assistant Residence Hall Director. In this role I helped supervise 36-50 staff members, planned and executed events for first year students, and just generally did whatever my boss told me to do to keep the building running smoothly. It was an amazing experience with amazing people, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.

Assistant Staff: 2014-2015. That’s me in the middle.
Oak Hall Staff: 2015-2016

In conclusion, the relationships I made with my co-workers over the past 3 years working for Bemidji State University helped make my college experience the amazing journey it was. As I come closer and closer to graduation in May, I will walk across the stage with my head held high knowing that I was part of something bigger and more important than myself – I was part of a family that worked together to make Bemidji State a welcoming home for students.


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