Self Portrait, Pt. 1

As part of this week’s assignment, we are asked to write 2-3 posts detailing a bit of who we are and explore how our identities shape our online presence. Reading more about the assignment and what is expected, I became more and more excited. I have a wide variety of interests and ideas and am excited to demonstrate how three distinct self-portraits can give my readers a unique perspective on who I am.

So, starting off.

I’ve been an avid outdoorsman for most of my life. My dad and I fished quite often growing up, catching bluegills and crappies from fishing piers on local lakes. More time was spent baiting my hooks, fixing my snarled line, and taking fish off for me than my dad was able to spend fishing himself. He began taking me with deer hunting when I was about 8 years old. While my dad sat quietly on a fallen log waiting for a deer to walk by, I was quite effective at making sure that no deer would walk within 500 yards of us with my incessant talking, squirming, and need to shoot (at) every bird/squirrel/chunk of dirt with my BB gun. In the four years that I sat with my dad he only shot one deer, but even though he didn’t have the greatest success rate with me along, he instilled a passion for hunting and fishing within me that I carry to this day.

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