Weekly Reflection (2/1/16)

So another week has come and gone, and things are still cruising right along for me not only in #en3177, but all of my classes in general. I also realized since it is not February that I only have three more months of college. Crazy.

Well, anyway. Here comes my reflection from this past week. Hold on tight.

Starting off, I read The Labyrinth Unbound: Weblogs as Literature by Steve Himmer as part of my What Makes a Blog a Blog assignment. I found this article very interesting, and felt it explained what a blog is in a very easily understood manner. One definition of a blog that Himmer presents is that blogs are a unique form of writing in that it is not bound by time like other mediums. They often represent exactly what the author is feeling or thinking at the exact moment (or at least shortly thereafter) that the reader comes into contact with the piece. Another aspect of blogging that I find fascinating is how fluid and dynamic the medium can be. Reading a series of blog posts can be like looking into the mind of the author in real time. You can read my original post here: “…So what’s a blog?”

Who knew blogging was such a complicated art form before this taking this class? Definitely not me!

Next, I perused the work of my classmates in their attempt at answering the same question. I ready many great responses, but connected most with the ones from Micah, Emma, and Alexa. Be sure to check out their posts on the subject, as well as read about my ideas about their answers at “…So what’s a blog?” pt. 2

In other news, I want to be healthier. So I’m taking small steps to be a better me. You can read about my recent revelation on my blog –> New Year, New(ish) Me

I’d also like to take the time to thank everyone who reads, comments, likes, or links to my posts. It means a lot to me that what I’m writing is being read and enjoyed for whatever reason. I’m enjoying getting to know my classmates a bit better through reading their posts and learning what they like, dislike, and are passionate about. Keep up the great work everyone!

Until next time,












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