“..So what’s a blog?” pt. 2

After reading a few posts from my classmates about what they perceive a blog to be, I’m come to realize that there is no single definition that covers everything a blog can be. However, my classmates had very interesting perspectives on the subject, and I’d like to highlight on a couple that I found really interesting.

First, Micah brought up a good point in his post (What makes a blog) in that weblogs can be either personal diaries of the author, professional publishing, or both. Or literally anywhere on the spectrum between them. This strikes me because this is how my blog is shaping up as time goes on. I have some reflective posts that I hope shine some light on me as a person. I also have some posts that are basically nonsense.

I believe that one of the greatest qualities of blogs, and one of the characteristics that help make a blog a blog, is that an author is not necessarily forced to follow one topic or genre in their writing due to how dynamic bogging is. In short, blogging allows an author much freedom to write what they want to write on a daily basis. Sure, some blogs are wholly focused on sports, or school, or the personal lives of the author. Still, others don’t follow any certain format or topic, and the author simply writes about whatever they feel like writing about that day. Freedom. ‘murica. (I know, overused. Whatever.)

Next, Alexa brought up a great point in her reflection (What Makes a Blog A Blog?) about how blogs should be interesting to read. And while this seems like a really simple and straightforward definition, I think it is a very important characteristic of a blog. Blogs are platforms
for authors to share their feelings and experiences in a way that readers are able to identify with. Blogs help bring people together through these common experiences and interests. One important thing to note I feel is that what might be interesting for me to read, may be for another reader the most boring and dreadful collection of gibberish ever assembled in one place. This is part of the magic of blogging – there is enough variety in topics in blogosphere to appease nearly everyone.

In conclusion, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what a blog is. Do I have an all-encompassing, proven definition of the medium? No. But to me, a blog is a dynamic artform that brings together author and reader. Bloggers are free to focus on one subject exclusively, or post about their daily adventures as it pertains to their individual lives, or literally anything in between. To read more about my thoughts on what a blog is, visit my original post here: Click Me.

Have a great start to the week, and I’ll see you in class on Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on ““..So what’s a blog?” pt. 2

  1. I definitely agree! I think that a great part of blogging is making connections. When you have a “personal diary,” chances are you want to people to listen and you want them to find you “interesting.” When you have “professional writing” going on, you want to people to respond and agree. it seems that with most all blogs, not matter the specific, or not-so-specific purpose, a creator wants to be public and they want to, as you said, “help bring people together.” Very nice reflection!


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  5. This post it interesting in how you use it to draw together the threads of comment on the first post, *That’s* a good move because it both synthesizes the comments and opens up a potential new wave of discussion.


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