My downfall.

I’m a hunting/fishing gear fanatic. I almost take just as much enjoyment reading, learning, and discussing the finer points of each product as I do actually using it in the field.

Some people find enjoyment talking about shoes. Others go on for hours about technology. I like to talk about hunting jackets and duck decoys.

Another thing you should know about me: Cabela’s is life.

Cabela’s is one of the largest outdoor retailers in the world with 60+ gigantic stores across the US and Canada. If you’re never been inside a store, here is an example of the mouthwatering expanse of must-have stuff that torments me. They must have at least two of every species mounted somewhere in each store – a veritable Noah’s Ark for the passionate sportsman.

I’m gonna need a minute.


I’m fortunate enough to live only about 20 minutes from the Owatonna, MN location. It’s awesome.

Also: I like sales. Especially online sales.

Recently had a huge After Christmas Sale. I had some Christmas money and a Cabela’s gift card burning a hole in my pocket. As soon as I navigated to the Bargain Cave section of the website I knew my wallet was going to take a hit. My mind went crazy as I navigated through the hot deals shouting my name. Buy me. Buy me.

Like any responsible adult, however, I showed some self constraint and did not spend all my financial aid that day. But after a very difficult, but successful, Fall semester I had to treat myself a little bit. Aftersome soul searching and intense evaluation of my hunting/fishing gear arsonal, there was one glaring problem: I did not have a decent hunting jacket that performed well enough in Minnesota’s winters. So I bought this (at the sale price, of course.)



Outfitter Berber Fleece


First impression: This pullover is awesome. It’s warm, quiet, and comfortable. It blocks the wind like no other and keeps warmth from escaping. It’s shaping up to be a good investment…time will tell though!


Alright, I’m all done geeking out over a hunting jacket now.










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