Bootcamp Reflection


When I hear the term bootcamp, this image comes to mind.

How tall are you, Private?

Luckily, bootcamp for #en3177 wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. I understood the assignments pretty clearly and was able to work through the various steps involved in setting up my blog, posting content, RSS syndication, and copyright/creative commons.

My life has been a little crazy the past couple weeks between work, school, and job hunting. I feel I completed scheduled assignments well and timely. If I were to do the past couple weeks over again, I would try to do a better job in managing my time and making sure that I wasn’t rushing to get content out before deadlines. In fact, I’m going to do my best to get things done in a much more timely fashion from here on out.

All in all, I think the whole process of getting up and running went very smoothly. There were no major hiccups, and I seemed to breeze through much of it. The only thing I didn’t like at first was getting 8,675,309 email notifications every day whenever a classmate posted on their blog or commented on one of my own posts, but as soon as I found out how to update my preferences to stop the notifications, it was all good.

Part of me wishes that I would have spent more time researching different themes instead of quickly deciding on my current one. At the time I didn’t think it mattered a whole lot which theme you choose (and it is just a personal preference thing), but I look at some of my classmates’ and I’m blown away with how great they look!

After researching an reading about copyrights this weekend, I find myself trying to be more careful regrading imagesand artwork that I add to my blog posts. Last week in class it was brought up how sometimes owners of intellectual property come after those who use their work without permission. I do not think that would be an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.

It is my mission to keep my eyes open for more topics to write on. So far this semester I’ve struggled finding things to write about, and I think part of my problem is that I don’t recognize a good idea when I think of it. It’s good to have goals, and this is one of my goals.

Below, I’ve linked all my previous posts listed chronologically. If you haven’t browsed them, feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

Creative Commons – Copyright

My RSS findings.

Happy Tuesday!

Hot fishing on cold Red Lake


First blog post. Much success. Wow.

First post.


Thanks for reading, everyone!



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