My RSS findings.

So I’ve just finished setting up my RSS feed through and I’m reasonably impressed on how easy it was to get everything set up (just easy enough to make me question whether I missed a vital step in the whole process, but hey, that’s the story of my life).

I was very easily able to sign up for the Feedly service by using my Facebook login credentials and was able to add links to a few #en3177 blogs and a couple of my favorite outdoors blogs. Luckily, the blogroll feature was already present as part of my current WordPress template and all I had to do was update the blogroll’s links. Pretty straightforward stuff.

I did a little research on Google regarding RSS readers, but did not decide to download one at this time. I don’t mind logging into Feedly the old fashioned way at this point, or just using the Reader feature on WP, but maybe in the future I’ll consider downloading a mobile app as I find more use for it.

This post may not be too helpful for those struggling to figure RSS and WP’s blogroll, and I apologize. Let me know if you are having trouble figuring things out…I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction!


2 thoughts on “My RSS findings.

  1. I had the same fleeting thought come through my mind when I finished creating my feedly account. That seemed a bit too easy, lol. But I don’t think I missed anything, so you probably didn’t either.


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