Hot fishing on cold Red Lake

A group of five of my good friends and I have talked about starting an annual fishing tradition for a few years now. Until this year, busy schedules simply did not allow for it. This year, come hell or high water, it was decided that the inaugural Red Lake fishing trip was GOING to happen.

So, this past weekend five of us piled into a truck and pulled one of my good friend’s converted camper (obviously with most creative paint scheme in the area…) one hour north to Upper Red Lake to spend the weekend catching up and catching fish.

Prior to the weekend, it was decided that the six of us wouldn’t possibly fit into the single fish house, so rented an Ice Castle from Red Lake Ice Cabins (great group of guys to deal with).

Fish Camp 2016

Despite the cold temperatures (-30 degrees), we stayed warm and caught plenty of fish over the course of the two days (for those interested, 5:30pm – 8:30pm was the hottest bite, and glow rattle spoons were the ticket all weekend). A trip was made to West Wind Resort for burgers and brews Saturday night, Borat and We’re the Millers was watched (and quoted endlessly), and memories shared among a group of friends who have been there for each other throughout their college days at Bemidji State.


One image that I don’t think will ever get old for me is looking off into the horizon on the frigid, clear nights on Red Lake and seeing the lights of hundreds, if not thousands, of fish houses sparkling in the distance. It is truly a mesmerizing sight, and for me, a great reminder of why I chose Bemidji State in the first place and why I hope to stay in the Bemidji area after graduation.

Why yes, that is our friendly plastic snowman mascot. Name TBD.

We’re already making plans for next years’ trip to Red Lake, and I cannot wait to continue the annual tradition.

Until next time.






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